The Inverse Age Hypothesis: Caring

Why is it the older a person is the more the seem to care that the world is going to shit? The older you are the less years you have left on the planet. What do you care about what happens to the world? You'll be dead in few years anyway. Older Americans like to say things similar to, "Ahh. no one speaks English anymore." I respond, "So? In 6 months your dementia will be full blown. You won't be able to understand any language."

Meanwhile, people in their early 20s don't seem to bothered by the direction their world is taking despite having 6 more decades to live through.* You tell them about nuclear waste leaking from corroding pipes into the bay and they respond, "Bummer. You know what? Fast and Furious 6 is coming out next week. I'm so excited.

*exception to this rule is when they are being drafted into a war.