Revenge of my ADD

Instead of hopping on my bike at midnight to voyage to a party in Williamsburg last Saturday I caught up on my summer blockbusters. My roommate and I watched the latest Star Wars flick. The last one to be released though the third one in the Sextology. Chapter 3 as it were, as it is. Not to be confused with Neil Simon's "Chapter Two" which had much better character development. But I guess "Revenge of the Sith" is really episode 3 and not chapter three. And Neilly baby don't let two sentences ago go to your head, the comparison isn't saying much. And I know that Neil Simon is a huge fan of this blog. He reads it religiously while at his day job. Little known fact about Mr. Simon: after "Your show of shows" was cancelled in 1950 whatever Simon wound up an office monkey. Despite the Tonys he won and his hollywood successes he couldn't eek out a living. (Is Neil Simon dead?)

Anyway, Neil Simon shmeil simon, that's what I always say. OK that's a lie I hardly ever say that. Actually, I've never said that. I haven't even said it now. I've merely typed it. Does anyone out there even know who the hell, Neil Simon is? Well, I'm sure he's not relevant anymore, not that he was ever "relevant". I mean, Mathew Broderick does indies now, and Jonathan Silverman collects unemployment. And "Your Show of Shows" is late night PBS programming. What 28 year old refernces a 50 year old sketch show? And who the hell is Jonathan Silverman? And why aren't I in bed? I have to work tomorrow! As if attemping comedic blogging isn't work. OK. I'll discuss the themes or really one of the themes of the last installment of Starwars, which was really the middle installment. God damn it! I've already covered that.

God bless us everyone.


Liam said…
Revenge of your AIDS? Oh no!
Jack's Virus Free Girlfriend said…
Wasn't that the prequel to When Hary Met Sally?