Laughs in the Clouds

I hate Jews.
Put the phone down, stop calling the anti-defamation league. If you were related to the Jews I was related to you'd hate them too.
And please you gentile anti-semitics don't send me fan mail praising my hatred. You guys have no idea. If you see a Jew you can just cross the street and be on your way. I wish I had that option. That's why all you think you know of Jews is that they're cheap. If only! That'd be awesome if that was the problem. Boo hoo Aunt Betty doesn't want to spring for lunch--more like OUTSTANDING. Now, I don't have to listen to her nasal yapping negativity. "When are you going to get a real job? You might want to buy a house some day." Blather Blather. "I had a friend who had a daughter who wanted to be an actress. And she was very talented. The star of all her high school plays. Now, she's a teacher. Is that what you want? To stand infront of a room full of people who don't have an attention span?"
Listen, woman! I have a pipe dream and I'm not going to let you shit upon it. "I have a Pipe Dream" Martin Luther King Jr's lesser known speech. "I see a day when people of all races colors and creeds come together across this great land of ours in Theatres at $50/ ticket to see me perform. One day all of our colleges and universities will pay me to entertain their ethnically and socio-ecomincally diverse student body. Corporations like the Home Box Office Network will send lawyers with lucrative contracts so as to air my brilliance. Yes, I have a pipe dream."


Carolyn said…
I have a pipe dream, too. That one day the one underneath my sink will stop leaking. My mom thinks even that's too much.