Oh my Pod!

I read in the NY Times yesterday that ministers, priests and other religious preachers have embraced pod casting. I guess postmodernism is still alive and kicking. Man!
The Pod cast allows the faithful to take the sermons with them, like to the gym (Which I didn't make up, that's in the article.). While burning calories on the treadmill you can ensure you won't be burning in the afterlife. Or you can keep up to date on the latest intelligent design theories. Turns out the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate was a Mac. I don't know if that means that Bill Gates is the devil or if he's one of the lord's messengers--Instant Messengers--rim shot, wink, ironic smile. Or maybe the lord created all computer operating systems equally. Somehow I feel the story of Job was really about Linnux.

Yeah, I don't see me writing for the tonight show anytime soon either.