Words to live by

Jack taught me a Nuruto proverb: "Delusions can be reality with just a little effort"

I smelled like a hippie last week do to the hot weather and my incessant bike riding (also kind of hippie.) But i'm not a fan of the hippie or their prevailing life philosophy, "just let it slide man." I don't let it slide, and hippies should stop trying to get me to convert. I have a life and pardon me for caring about what happens in it. Even if what happens is that I accidently leave my robe out of the wash which winds up costing me another 2 bucks just to clean it. (Is it two dollars these days? I don't know I do my laundry in NJ at my parents' place when I visit them.)

Yes, it can be exhausting and not necessarily happy to have the minutia of the world get me so worked up. But, is it happy to have life just pass you by as you sit around stinking? Because the flip side of all this is that I get really happy about going for ice cream with a friend, or receiving a letter in the mail. A letter in the mail: just some paper in an envelope from a friend-- a trifle really-- and yet that can make my whole day
related joke:
You know those people who are like I'm not racist I have that black friend. That doesn't make you unracist. I hate hippies, but I have hippie friends that doesn't make me pro hippie. It makes me a...shitty friend.


Allison said…
I always heard that hippies smell like patchouli...? But I've never experienced it. Maybe patchouli in the winter, sweat in the summer? Not that you smell like sweat...or are a hippie...I'll stop now.

Anyway, my ultra-boring journal is linked below!
Allison said…
I meant above. It's linked above.
Carolyn said…
Hippies are douchebags. Except my friend Ginger. She's a pseudo-hippie, but not a pseudo-douchebag. She just really likes hugging white people with dreadlocks.
HL said…
Hey! I'm flying out from LA 8/31 and I'll be there till 9/10. You said you're leaving on the 6th? Let's meet up, I'll give you a call....