Hey Jealousy

I wasn't lying about pop music inspired titles.

Last Monday when Jack returned from visiting his parents in Pittsburg he asked me if I had seen the British guy that weekend. (Jack and I had gone on a bike riding date with him a month ago.) I told him, "No," which was the truth. Jack questions me, "you're not lying are you?" Now the way he said the question I couldn't tell if he was jealous of the Brit spending time with me or of me spending time with the Brit. So then I got jealous and wanted to punch Jack, but I took a breath and I answered him, "Sweetie, I don't know that we are seeing the British guy."
"Really?" Jack said dejected.
"Yeah, we don't see him that often, and we never talk on the phone with him."
"But he pays for our food and stuff. Like last time he bought us burritos."
"Yeah, but we were both out of work, he might have just felt bad."
"But that one date he brought wine and tried to liquor us up."
"He didn't try to make out with us, honey."
"What about the books he lent us?" Jack was a mess he began to wimper, "I guess I'm just not attractive enough for him."
"Jack, don't say that you are very sexy."
"Obviously not, I mean if a British guy won't even date us."
"Maybe he's seeing another couple."
"Well, when did we say we wanted to be monogamous?"
"We are monogamous."
"Yeah, we are."
"Jack, I don't think we're really ready to branch out and date other boys. You just got back to the states three months ago, you're obviously a bit sensitive."
"Oh just forget it." and then he ran into the bedroom buried his head in the pillows and wept himself to sleep. Poor guy.