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We are the Truth Tellers

Greeting Cards. They Could be Happier

And Another Thing...

Those Bums! (Yeah, I know I had similar post last year)

Let's See What Happens

Not stabbed. Sick

Not All Hotels Are Romantic

My TV Credit (I may rewrite this later)

This Van is Not for Hire This Dude is Not for Relationship

Single Men Rejoice That I'm not Single

Maybe I Spoke to Soon or I'll Change My Mind Again

Working is Just as Bad as Drugs

Death: Depends on the Day

Two Quotes- (monday was a long day)

Execuse me?!

Bust out the Champagne and Gnochi

Old Hat

Nice Guys Finish Last Because Sometimes They Lack Speed

Read the Whole Thing But Also Click The Link

Ms. September (as opposed to Mr. October Reggie Jackson)