Ms. September (as opposed to Mr. October Reggie Jackson)

After watching the West Indians parade through my neighborhood friends and I headed to Coney Island to watch the Brooklyn Cyclones taken on the Spinner from Lowell. There was some disagreement in my party as to what a spinner was. Rob, thought a spinner was a toy similar to a top but made from sharp steel blades that could cut an eye of one's enemy. If one's enemy had drunken passed out on a hard smooth surface. Jesse thought a spinner was something along the lines of seamstress, because of Lowell's textile history. I thought it was the masculine version of the word spinster. The Lowell Spinners a team of men who will never marry.

After the game Rob paid a dollar to for me to throw 3 baseballs into plastic sheet. The purpose of throwing baseballs into a sheet is to determine how fast a person can throw a baseball. I don't mean to brag but I threw a baseball 40 mph. Which was just as fast as the 8 year old boy who went before me. I'm pretty proud of myself because the 8 year was bigger than me.