Single Men Rejoice That I'm not Single

I've previously posted my rejoices of the fact I'm not single. I've discussed the horrors I've imagined that lie in the dating world. I realized today though, that there are probably single men who thank their lucky stars that I have a boyfriend. The most wonderful boyfriend Jack. Single men look at me and can sense that if I were actually single I'd probably try to turn my errands into a charming afternoon date. They'd think to themselves, "If she and I were in a relationship that'd be a fine way to spend the afternoon. But, she's the type of girl who would suggest dropping off promotional postcards in Williamsburg on a Saturday afternoon as an event for a second date. That's kind of bullshit." They'd be right. However, I'm sure single men would keep those thoughts to themselves, agree to go on the bullshit date, and hope I put out. And single men's hopes would be dashed because I don't live in Williamsburg and I'm not a fan of sex in public parks.

And so when single men hear I have a boyfriend. They say to themselves, "Phew."
This Sunday 8pm "I Love Jack" Comedy Variety Hour (give or take) Welcomes special guests:
Dan Allen (Comedy Central), Adira Amram (Ars Nova), Carla Rhodes, (Rock and Roll Ventrilquist), Will McKinley (Sirius Satellite Radio), PJ Zeller (film: End of the Spear), Regie Cabico (Def Poetry Slam)
Hosted by Rachael Parenta (Richard Simmons Show 1983)
with DJ Your Friend Jesse (Creator of True Adventures in History Graphic Novel Series)


comedy fanz said…
you kno leam right? u should have him on yor show he is funny id come out to see it lol
Not Very Anonymous said…
u no crappo rite u shud hav im on yore shoe two he iz fuknee two id stop youzing punktyuashin an speling omglolwtfbbwbdsmroflmao itz amayzing how fuknee stopid pepl r rite?
rachael said…
Comedy fanz, I'm not sure who or what you are refering to. I know I'm the queen of typos and gramatical errors, but I can't quite decipher.

Rob (aka NVA), Did you think Comedy Fanz was Crespo? Or were you just pretending to be Crespo? I'm not booking Crespo. I'd book Liam McEneaney before Sean Crespo. I'd also book you. When do you want to play harmonica?
nicole simmons said…
My uncle happens to be Richard Simmons, and I don't recall you being on his show. Actually, I don't recall him having a show. Wait a minute, who are you again?