Let's See What Happens

This evening I purchased Nyquil for the first time. I stepped into the 24 hour, Korean-run, organic market on Flatbush avenue. Like many bodegas in NYC they keep their over the counter meds behind the counter. I asked the clerk if they had any children's cold medicine. (You see, faithful readers, I can't swallow pills. Therefore I ingest children's liquid meds. I have masticated adult medication meant for swallowing whole. I usually chew the pills or capsules in conjunction with a cookie, apple sauce or icecream. But, no matter how much ice cream a person consumes the adult medication burns and scorches the taste buds.) The clerk looked behind him at the shelves of anti-histmines and pain relievers. "Uhhh. Hmmm. No." I noticed that Nyquil comes in liquid form. I said, "Hey what about the Nyquil?"
"For kids?"
"Uh. Well, it's liquid."
"For kids. I don't think so."
Then I had to admit, "It's for me. I can't swallow pills."
"Oh. OK."
So parents if you ever want to drug your children and you accidently slip and say the Nyquil is for them, just switch your story and say no it's for you and that you can't swallow pills.

Now, I've never taken Nyquil before, never mind written anything under its influence. Let's see what happens. I kind of feel like Byron on laudanum or absinthe or whatever it was he wrote on. Maybe I'm thinking of the composer Berlioz writing his Symphony de Fantistique. God, I'm so out of my head write now I might just be making up history. But whatever, man. I totally feel just like those guys. Woo Hoo! I'm creating under the influence. I'm a dangerous artist. Way more cutting edge than Byron or Hemmingway. Those guys never had blogs.

I've caught myself a head cold like a major league catcher catches a nasty slider. (I'm on Nyquil I don't need transistions.) My simile isn't even at all acurate, that's right I'm pushing the envelope. Kind of like Jim Morrison. Did they even have Nyquil in the 60s? Eddie of Eddie in the Cruisers is a pansy compared to me. James Buroughs might have been on herion but he didn't have a computer. I'm really livin' the life of a writer now.

And bunnies hop. Yeahkjo;o/khnlmp8mj dguha;g iogrjidrotgwroejtguoorkgtolrjmgtklrj
Shit. What time is it? Oh god it's 4:30. And there's drool all over the keyboard. I just lost three hours of my life.


Charles Star said…
You put an apostrophe in "bodegas" and misspelled "scar" but nailed absinthe and laudanum.

Good to know where you are at...
Claritin D has a type of antihistimine that is a pill, and it dissolves on your tongue within three seconds.

I can't swallow pills either.