Working is Just as Bad as Drugs

Let's get down to it. Our governent gives the following reasons why they need to outlaw some drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine and others.

1. Drugs destroy a person's body
2. People on drugs lie, cheat and steal to get more drugs
3. People on drugs neglectic their family and friends
4. Drugs cause an increase in violent crime

If these were the true reasons then shouldn't most office jobs be outlawed as well?

1. Work destroys a person's body. The weight of an average American increases everyday and we're not getting any taller people. You sit on your ass all day peer pressured into not taking a lunch break which would allow you to get outside under the sun and perhaps walk.

2. People at work lie, cheat and steal. How many pens have you taken? How many copies have you made for yourself or stamps you used for those wedding invitations? Don't get me wrong I think you should steal from your job, but it's still stealing. Office politics is full of fibbing and cheating to get ahead and/or demoralize your co-workers. Oh and don't most companies employ sales people? Talk about liar? (sorry mom and dad)

3. People who work neglect family and friends. How much time does that investment banker working 80 hours a week have for his family? Who knows the words to "Cats and the Cradle?" Or how about the corporate lawyer. Or how about any artist who has to have a day job and then find time to pursue their art as a career. Those people don't have time to eat or sleep never mind love and care for others.

4. Work causes an increase in violent crimes. People like to work and shoot everyone in their office. Also may I mention all of those working for Haliburton. And many of the people who work for the US Government.

5. Wallmart is like crack it continues a cycle of poverty.

The reason many drugs are illegal in this country is because they interfere with people's "work" productivity. People on pot don't get much done, but people on diet pills or coffee are quite productive. However, this is not the reason we're are given to why some drugs are illegal. They never mention the gross national product. So let's call our government on their bullshit and stary lobbying congress to outlaw work. How can they argue with their own logic.


Allison said…
An addition to #2--people lie to get jobs in the first place. Do I really have "excellent multi-tasking skills"? No. But that doesn't stop me from putting it on my resume!
Fuckin' a-right! PREACH, sister! Tell it!
rachael said…
I'll preach and tell it. And I'll question. My friend jesse, how do you have blog and no posts? You know what don't worry about it just keep practicing spinning records.