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If you're bored while traveling for the holiday


A Little Bit of History Repeating

If Only

Holiday Life Lessons


Thanks Government for Looking Out for Me

Get Yourself Married, Ladies.

football laces is up

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Football Laces episode is up

Call The Wild. Will It Accept the Charges?

Sometimes You Just Have to Try

In the Words Of 80s Rock Legends Cinderella

Sports Update

Don't Judge Me by My Cover. It's Dangerous.

If I Knew Book Burning Was So Popular I Would Have Done it Years Ago.

Labor Day Traditions

Contracts Don't Do it.

Virginia Slims

Not All Lies Are Created Equally

Maybe It's What You Do Not Who You Are

Sporting News

I can't spell his name but he's still a dick

My Mind Is All Powerful

Women Have Ruined the World

"The Givvies"

More Parenting Questions to Resolve

To Breed of Not To Breed?

Who's Ready?

Country vs. City

See Live Comedy. Save a Nation.

I think All You Need is G.E.D.

Insult. You are the Insult.

Accountability with An Abacus Is Going to Take Time


All The Single Ladies.

Unemployment is Still Pretty Bad

A lot Competiton on Defensive End

One Day I'll be a Crazy Old Person

My Open Thank You Letter

A New Angle on the Same Supposition

United We Eat

Ruby Ridge 'em!

Charity Begins at Home

I'm not Subsidizing Your Life

Why Aren't You Crying? I'm Crying!

Correlation is not Causation. Or it is in Reverse.

Is this Fair? No.

Freedom Fries! Yes!

I Finally Finished this Song!

What's in a Name?

Rodents. Urg!


The Latest and Greatest

The Youth Movement

Vacation Escape

Violent Death Worse Than Dirt

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But It's What We Do Best

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All of a sudden it's March

Shut Up About Your Weather

The Grossness

Winter Olympics

For Your Presidents Day/Post Valentine's Day Entertainment

HealthCare Reform In 2040

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As a Woman I have an Obligation

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It Goes Against Nature