Insult. You are the Insult.

The word tourist is frequently used as a slur, such as "You look like a tourist, " or "That venue is touristy," or "Stupid, friggin tourists I hate them!"

I don't know why being a tourist is a negative. Do people really think, "Eww tourist. How stupid you are with your curiosity of foriegn places and love of seeing the world. how gross your desire is of new experiences. Why can't you be more like us who lve here in our stylish, constrictive (and culturally appropriate) clothing that hampers our ability to ambulate. You tourists are such idiots with your needs of maps and having to ask directions can you be any more dumb or dependent? If you were just like us who will live and die in the place we were born you would know your way around and wouldn't have to be lost. And stop taking pictures of random historical things. You're like a child with your excitement. Your awe is over a landmark our teenagers smash beer bottles over. So sad little tourist."