I think All You Need is G.E.D.

How stupid is the former General Stanley McCrystal? He was forced to resign because of some stupid shit he said in a magazine. How can he a 4 star general be less intelligent than the basic professional ball player. I mean, Derek Jeter didn't even go to college. You'd never catch him talking shit about the Steinbrenners. Even if George or Hal decided that the NY Yankees would now be playing ball in kilts and eye-patches. All Derek would say, is I'm just trying to go out there and win.

All the general had to say was, "It's a team effort, I couldn't be spending billions of tax dollars without the help of huge, multinational, conglomomorates who make the equipment we use. And let's not forget about the men and women on the field who sacrafice so much. It's not about me and my statistics. It's about winning. We have to take it one day at a time. One game at a time. In the end war is simple. You try to kill the enemy and have them not kill you. I'll know we have succeeded when we are wearing our championship rings."


Oh and I have new election reform. Since waterboarding isn't torture and just a investigative tactic how about we subject all politicians seeking elected office to waterboarding. Then we can question them on what they really believe. Then we'll finally know the truth. It might be slightly unpleasant for those people, but I'm sure they don't like having to go around talking to the unwashed masses, kissing babies, and begging for financing.