Accountability with An Abacus Is Going to Take Time

Now I hate teachers as much as the next American citizen. Who wouldn’t? We spend 13 years (if you count kindergarten) with these people. And what do they do. They yell at us. They make us sit down. They play favorites; they don't let you chew gum. They call your parents when you defend yourself against their wrath. They suck I get it.

At the same time why are we demanding they be accountable for their job performance. The argument is that rest of us are. Umm. Really? I don't see anyone getting fired at BP or Halliburton, or anyone at the Minerals Management Service. OK the last one wasn't fair those guys are really good at sex and procuring drugs. But how many CEO's have been fired from big investment banks? Like two and they have both been rehired somewhere else in the same industry.

And it's not just rich douche bags who ruin our lives in dramatically catastrophic ways, but it's also the people who ruin our lives one hour at a time. Have you ever bought something at store? Have you ever dealt with the cable company or the phone company?

Let's face it people we all are horrible at our jobs, because just like teaching working sucks. We're not happy to be there we are forced to be there just like we were forced to sit still as children in public school.

All I'm saying is don't let our blind hatred for those tyrants who ruined our youth to have us rewrite the present. No one is accountable for the job results.