Unemployment is Still Pretty Bad

Here's an economic indicator there are record number of people running for office in NJ. It seems congress's inablity to do anything about the economic crisis is coming home to roost in NJ. Many people who have lost their jobs are having trouble finding new ones. A number of them feel going into politics is the easist solution. Unlike other industries politics doesn't require retraining or any type of new degrees or certificates. All you have to do is get out of the house and collect enough signatures to get your name on the ballot. The best part is the opportunity for exercise and money saved on gas that collecting signatures provides, as the job is best done while walking. Then there is the mental stimulus of creating a web page and coming up with a political platform. Normally the unemployed spend their hours researching job openings and mailing off resumes, interspersed of course with viewing home recordings of cats, all of which can be intellectually tedius and let's face it boring.

Unfortunately, politics is similar to all other industries during this economic downturn congress, the executive branch, and judicial branch aren't hiring more people just different ones. So if an unemployed person does win a seat in congress it means that the guy who had a congress job will soon be on the unemployment line watching cat videos.

Alright employed people also watch cat videos.