Tiger Woods' sex life has been in the media these last 6 months or however long. Some have defended Woods' actions stating things like, (here this next sentence with a Brooklyn dialect) "If every guy who cheated on his wife lost his job, we wouldn't have much of a workforce."

Umm. Why are you people getting married? Did you know you don't have to get married?

If you want to sleep around then don't get married. If your mother won't let you live with her into your 30s and 40s, and therefore you have no one to clean up after you and cook for you, hire a maid.

I know. I know. You want kids. Easy. Gay people have children all the time and their not allowed to get married. I'm sure you can figure something out, like hiring a hooker to have your kid. Or a college student looking for tuition. You can adopt. Homesexuals adopt children why can't a womanizer or manizer (depending on your gender. I don't believe philandering is a male dominated hobby.)

I'm just saying this is America and most of us aren't Amish, so we don't have arranged marriages. Here's a slogan for you "Stop being a douche. Stay single."