Vacation Escape

People usually take vacations to exotic locales, or relaxing locales, or crazy-fun-party locales. What a horribly wrong choice. If you are vacationing you should pick a destination that is worse than where you live. Otherwise when you get home you'll be depressed that 50 weeks out of the year this is your actual life. Sure you can go to Bermuda and relax on the beach for two weeks drinking fruity alcoholic deliciousness. So when you come home you realize your life is rat race to see who can eat the most shit. Or you can travel to Detroit, Michigan in the winter. Save money by squatting in a foreclosed home. When you get back to your own life you sure will be thankful and propbably most eager to head back to work.

Sure you can go on Safari in Africa or you can go to Bangledesh during Monsoon season. Which vacation do you think will make you appreciate the horrible life you have?

Yes, I know that air travel does try to make you wish for home on your back from these fun destinations. What with the having to nearly strip, to late flights, to turbulence and crying children aboard your flight. But does that really make you wish for home or does it make you wish you were back at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage fest feasting on cajun food, listening to world class music, and partying like it's 1999. Skip the jazzfest and the skiing trips and learn to love your actual life next time try travellig to the drug cartel ravaged Mexico.