Freedom Fries! Yes!

Alright so there is a big hub bub going on in Arizona about their new immigration law. What I find crazy is that immigration both legal and illegal has become an Hispanic (Latino) issue. That's just racist. Not just on the part of Arizona legislature but also on the part of Hispanic people who go to all these immigration rallies. Sorry burst everyone's bubble but spanish speaking people aren't the only illegal immigrants in this country.

What about the French? When I first moved to Portland, OR I was staying in a hostel. That hostel was housing an illegal French girl, whose name I can not recall because it was foriegn and French sounding. Not only was trying to find someone to hire her "under the table" but she had a crush on an American who was in a relationship with another American. I dare say her sole reason for staying here was to wreak havoc on the American family. Granted this dude and his girlfriend weren't married, but if Frenchy kept to her own country and her own that live there, perhaps they would have had a shot at marriage. Where were the Portland Police department? Why wasn't anyone taking the French threat more seriously? Yes, this was before 9/11 before the French decided not to back us in Iraq. But, we should have known.

It would have been one thing if this French girl, who didn't like rootbeer or cinamon-how unAmerican, was trying to date a guy no American woman wanted to date. Meeting the jobless, unathletic, not too bright man, who lives with his Aunt (because his mother threw him out) for a night at the movies where she has to pay. Fine. I understand. Perhaps there is a shortage of men in France and a lady needs companionship. But the audacity of her trying to steal an American man from an American woman, well, call immigration and deport her.

Now how do you look for illegal Frenchies? Simple look for pale people with narrow fox-like noses sitting in cafes in the afternoon. They probably will be slimmer than most of us, unless it's Gerard Depardieu. (What jerk he is taking roles away from American Actors). They won't be eating freedom fries either. Look for underarm hair under the ladies arms. Warning, some unshaven women are just hippies and not French at all.

The problem with hunting down the illegal French is that the don't just cross into Arizona, they could be living anywhere in the country, even Detriot.

Say what you will about Hispanics but I don't see them stealing anyone's possible husbands.