Is this Fair? No.

If I were to go out and kill like 20 people or 200 people and then get caught the story in the papers would be how unfunny and impotent I was as a comedian, which is completely untrue and unfair. I'm not saying I'm some comedy genius but I have written and performed some funny bits. Just because I do, what many might perceive as a bad thing, my work will be unfairly judged. Hitler wasn't a bad painter because he was a vicious dictator. He was a vicious dictator because he was a horrible painter, or maybe no one recognized him as a artistic force. (I've never seen a Hitler painting.)

On the flipside of course if I were to be raped and murdered and left on the side of the road the story would be how my brilliant comedy light had been extinguished way too early. Again not fair because I’m dead and I could have written some good jokes about my murder.

My point is jail should be the punishment for a killing spree and not bullshit disparagement of my work just because you don't like the other things I did with my life.