The Latest and Greatest

So the Droid phone has a new ad out basically bragging that it can help you find constellations. Was this a problem before? Where there phone users out there for the past hundred years bemoaning the fact that while they were talking on the telephone they, for the life of them, could not remember which one was the Big Dipper and which one was Orion's belt?

Has anyone out with their friends hit upon a conversation where they were trying to remember find out who sang that song with the whistling in the begining and then a man and woman sing something about the young folks and the old folks only to realize how insignificant that question is when you realize there is a whole universe above us that we can't navigate from our bar stool right now?

You know what Droid? How about you take your head out of the clouds and give me a working keypad, that isn't a touch screen and an included memo app. Or if we're going to make an amazing phone that does crazy shit, how about a phone that bakes bread. I rather have bread.

**Note that song is entitled the Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John.**