Winter Olympics

After watching some of the Winter Olympic Games on TV the other day I realized Nascar fans must love downhill skiing. Granted the lack of a gas fueled engines in the sport cuts down on the fireballs, but I imagine for those people it might be a nice change of pace.

Meanwhile, I would like to applaud China. Thankgod for China. It has been a long time since we had a country to root against and label as evil and suspect of cheating. Al Queda never really stepped up to the challenge. Which I'm guessing is just laziness on their part. I mean they're in the mountains a great deal of time, they have the opportunity practice at minimum skiing and bi-atholon activities. Granted I don't know how many frozen lakes they have access to to practice figure and speed skating. Their ladies might trip on their garb trying to complete a tripple axle, but how hard is it to build a bobsled track. If they can do it in Jamaica why not Afganastan or where ever the hell they are.

I'm just saying it's really selfish of the Al-Queda to not join in on the tradition of the Soviets and the Nazis and now China and compete with us not just in war but in sport. They too could win moral victories.


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