HealthCare Reform In 2040

Liberals are all up in arms that health care reform isn't going to pass in the senate. I say to these liberals have patience. Soon enough the health insurance companies will get theirs. It's simple. As manufacturing and union jobs continue to disappear from the landscape of the US economy more and more people will work the way I and so many other people under 35 work, part time at several jobs. As you know people working less than 40 hours a week for any given company do not recieve benefits like health insurance or paid sick days. People might work 60 hours a week but not all the hours for the same single company and therefore won't receive any benefits.

So that's the first part as healthcare costs rise companies will stop hiring full time workers so as not to have to provide health insurance to their employees. There goes a huge chunk of business for the health insurance companies. Next to make-up for the lost profits the insurance companies will be losing due to no more fulltime workers with benefits buying their product they will raise premiums on single payer insurance policies as many have done this year. In turn all those part time workers who are saddled with crazy amounts of college debt won't be able to buy insurance on their own. Soon no one will buying health insurance except investment bankers, and though investment bankers make a great deal of money, there aren't really that many of them. So with no customers the health insurance companies will collapse and the world will be a sicker yet far better place.

One day we'll look on health insurance companies like horse and buggy companies with nostalgia. I'm sure horse and buggy manufacturers beat their workers and had faulty breaks on their carriages that killed countless children in the cobbled stone streets of the past. But now, we're like ahhh the Horse and Buggy is so quaint and adorable and old-timey. And one day we'll say that of insurance compaines. "Ahh their so quaint with the way they used to push paper around and have provide expensive meals for senators. I long for the days of office parks. It's so old timey."