As a Woman I have an Obligation

So it's that time of the year that many women dread. It's time for my annual gynocological exam. My mother told me "You better go shave for before your appointment." To which I responded, "I don't shave for my boyfriend why should I shave for the doctor? I'm paying her." This year I think the hair on my legs is the least of the problems I face for this year's appoinmtment. The real problem will be when she asks, "What form of contraception are you using?"

In years past I had a sexually, responsible answer, "Anger. Well, more like an Anger/Abstinence program." It's not a moral conviction I would just let my personality act as a enviromentally friendly chastity belt. Some years I would have had sex a couple of times and I'd proudly answer, "condoms." But this year the truth is a mix of "1 part condoms 4 parts withdrawl." I don't want to have to admit that to the doctor. I'm from the generation of sex education from 5th grade on. The doctor is going to look at me with judgement and disapproval even though the NY Times had an article about the effectiveness of the withdrawl method 6 months ago.

Hmm. Maybe I should wax and hope the glean off my hairless flesh distracts her from the ugly truth.


Christina said…
The doctor usually responds poorly to "silent chats with God the morning after which include promises I don't intend to keep" as well.