All of a sudden it's March

Anyone else feel like February rips them off? I feel like my landlord is getting one over on me. I pay the same amount of rent for February as I do for all the other months. February is at least 2 days shorter than other months. And as we know it's 3 days shorter than others. I want 2.5 days of rent money back. That's almost a hundred dollars (granted split 3 ways among me and my two other roommates, but still nearly $33.33. Man, the possiblities. I could treat myself to an almost very nice dinner, like something other than a burrito. I could pay my share of the electric bill and have enough left over for a burrito. I could pay my share of the cable bill and the gas bill and than maybe split an order of nachos. I could buy an unlimited metro card for a week and then get a donut. I could hunt down my enemies and nail them with a cream pie when it was a really bad time for them to be humilated with sugar and fat.)

I'm just saying I think February was invented by the real-estate industry.


Anonymous said…
Right! And why not take a day away from those greedy 31 day months and give two more to February! 7 months have 31 (I think). Every month could have at least 30 days and 30 is enough for anyone.