Shut Up About Your Weather

My least favorite thing about Mid Atlantic snowstorms is people from the Midwest scoffing at us. Yes, there ridiculousness is more annoying than my little legs trying to find safe passage across the ponds that meet me at every intersection during snowstorms. These Midwesterners and some great lake regionites call up radio stations and say things like, "Oh this is nothing. Come on, people, it's just some snow. 12 inches? We wouldn't even call that a snowstorm that's beach weather. Grab the suntan lotion let's go surfing. Well, if we weren't land locked."

It's surprising to me that these same expatriot snowbirds don't make the claims about obesity. "Oh god, you New Yorkers think that an extra 20lbs is fat. Please, that's swim suit model. We have fat people. We have heart disease. You guys with your sissy non-chain resturaunts to chose from. Please and all the walking you guys do and up and down subway steps. None of that is possible here."

I'll tell you this Midwesterners I saw a couple of native New Yorkers probably 17 years old on the subway last night. The two girls were dressed in fishnet stockings and 3 inch heels. Not only was it cold, wet, and slushy out it was also a Thursday! Don't tell me we can't handle winter weather, I'd like to see any of you drive a car in that outfit.