It Goes Against Nature

For years now we've had advocates for the government to step in and allow the most unnatural of institutions. People don't realize how this horrific agenda is ruining lives across the country. Yes, of course I'm writing of schools and teaching.

What could be more unnatural than putting 10-40 children in a room with one adult. No where else do you see this in the primate world. No set of parents have 11 kids of the same age. You might have 11 kids but they're all different ages and you have time to house train each kid individually before the next one comes along. Not so in our schools. There has been a great movement to higher better teachers, to hold teachers accountable for the test results of children. This of course is ridiculous. Perhaps you should higher better students.

Let's break it down this way: What is school? It's a place where children are broken, where they are domesticated. Much the way an animal person might break a wild horse. A child much like a wild horse wants to run about with no regards to others wants or it's own saftey. The last thing a wild horse wants to do is give a human an orderly ride from point A to point B or to plow a field. Just as the last thing a child wants to do is sit in an office all day and enter data. But as a society we need the horse and the child to be able to do both. Fine. But would you give a horse trainer 35 wild horses at once to break in. Of course not. Picture that. Take a moment and really picture one lone horse trainer and 35 wild horses in a fenced in space. AHHHH! Good luck not getting trampled. No picture an adult with 35 wild children. Good luck teacher not climbing to the top of the school and jumping off to your death. Or at least to a broken limb which will allow you to escape to a hospital paid for by your awesome benefits plan.