Making Lemonade Out of Your Lemons

Sadly, another natural disaster has occurred. Thankfully, there are artist throughout NYC producing benefit shows. Sure most people in NYC can simply use their cell phones to text a donation, or go online, or mail a check. But isn't selfish. How are aspiring non-household peformers supposed to promote themselves and network with people higher on the professional ladder (who they've emotionally blackmailed into doing their shows) if we all just anomiously gave. Think about the artists! I of course would love to organize a benefit for Haiti, you know show the world that I really care. Unfortunately, I'm involved in another charitable organization that takes up too much of my time. Perhaps in a few months you all may find it in your hearts to give to it. But in the meantime I understand that Haiti needs your attention. But for future reference please take a look at our video explaining my charitable efforts.