Freedom and Sacrafice

Do you believe in freedom? Do you believe in democracy? Do you believe that those who fought for our military, the men and women who died for our freedom, are heroes? Then how dare you be complicit in accepting the greater treading on your freedoms and autonomy.

There are people out in the world who like to see us harmed. Some say it's because they are jealous that we are free. I say they are jealous of our wealth and mad about some horrible shit our country may or may not have been involved in in foreign land. Either way these people hate us and want us to suffer. Even if they don't succeed in creating a gruesome body count they are still succeeding in changing us and how our lives are lived.

There are people in the US who like to compare the current president to Hitler, or Stalin. They say he's a communist or a fascist. Really? Do you know what the ruling parties in those regimes did? They monitored their citizens. They tapped their phones, bugged their houses, and searched them at will. The current Chinese government monitors what their people read on the internet among many other human and civil rights violations. Is that how you want to live? Do you want to give up more rights like being patted down (touched by a stranger) or have your whole body scanned by a computer who knows where that digital image will be stored and what it will be used for in the future. Maybe nothing, maybe some ad company will get it's hands on it use it to better sell me product. Who knows, but it's my body and I have done nothing wrong. All I want to do is use modern technology to get to a far away place in a quick amount of time.

I'm scared of dying I don't want to do it. But giving up my rights of my body will not guaranty my safety. Life is risk. We choose to take and avoid different risks everyday. Perhaps the people who are scared are the ones who shouldn't fly or go to the football game etc. As opposed to the ones who don't want to be violated by their own governments dictates.

It is said that freedom isn't free. Meaning freedom has a cost. Well, if we aren't willing to pay for it in higher taxes to support two wars, and if we aren't willing to pay for it by allowing a draft, then maybe we can pay for it in fear. Fear of the unknown of what our future may hold. That we are different from those who mean to do us harm because we don't believe the ruler of a nation has absolute rights over its people. And we are just like those throughout our country's short history from the revolutionary war to the present ones we the people are willing to risk dying to remain free.

Just a side note. Have you seen the people who work for airport security? Many I'm guessing do not have a high school diploma and don't get paid very much money. If we were at all serious about airport security perhaps we hire some the recently, laid-off best and the brightest and not pay them anymore. Instead their incentive would be to put someone else's well being ahead of their own for once.