Why Aren't You Crying? I'm Crying!

These days everyone seems to hate teachers and their Unions. That's fine. I don't have fond memories of most my teachers either. Unfortunately, people seem to hate teachers because they get really good health insurance fully paid, a pension, and thing called tenure. I understand that the real reason people are mad about all these great benefits is because they have to pay for them with their property taxes. Fine. But can we just say that. Instead of the ridiculous reason given, "In my job I have to contribute to my health insurance, and I don't get a pension, and if I screw up at my job I get fired, there's no tenure." Great, and while you're at it why don't you outlaw ice cream because you're lactose intolerant.

Why do you want everyone to be miserable and suffer? Just because your life is shit why should everyone else's life be shit? Instead, why don't you become a teacher if you think they have it so good? Or why don't you unionize? Use that computer in your cube and the colored paper in your company's supply closet and start printing out leaflets. Threaten to strike if you don't get fully paid health-benefits, a pension, and tenure. And while your striking try asking for your summers off.

If you don't like those options well I guess you can become a cop, a firefighter, or a unionized factory worker. There is also always nursing since you like watching suffering.