Correlation is not Causation. Or it is in Reverse.

There was an article on MSN last week stating that people who lack personal relationships (such as romantic partners and friends) are more likely to be depressed. This of course is not the first time I've heard this hypothesis. Basically if you don't have friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend you're going to be depressed.

I wonder is that the case? Or is the reverse true, people who are depressed can't make friends and can't get laid.

"Hey depressive friend Claira, do you want hang out this weekend?"
"What do you want to do?"
"I don't know. How about you come over and we sit in my room with the shades drawn? We could brainstorm on the quickest ways to kill ourselves."
"Really Claira? We did that last week. That's what you always want to do."
"Alright. We could read Slyvia Plath poetry."
"How are we supposed to see the book with the shades drawn?"
"Yeah, you're right. I'm so stupid. I have no right breathing. Ugh. It's all so hard. I can't do this anymore."
"Alright, well. that's my other line. I have to take this call."
"Yeah, you should."

How is depressive Claira supposed to find a date if she's constantly bursting into tears. Say she finally gets herself out of the house and to a bar then what?
"Claira, nice to meet you."
"You too Pat, oh god! Wah Wah Wah."
"Oh my god! What's wrong?"
"It's you have a tissue? Wah. It's this song."
"It's just Tupac."
"I know and he's dead. Wah wah wah. And if he's not dead could you imagine having to hide out like that when you have talent and future. It's so sad."
"Right. Um. I think I have to go wash my hair."

I'm just saying maybe depressed people don't have friends because depression makes you unfriendable.


Anonymous said…
I am single and I am not depressed. That is a faulty study. I have friends, but not many.