A New Angle on the Same Supposition

So what's wrong with this country? Why are we in the shitter? Simple. We're a nation of immigrants.

You see what are immigrants but people who left their struggling, oppressed communities to make it for themselves. "Yeah the British really are sticking it to us with the potato famine, good luck with supposed friends and family, I'm on the next ship out of here! Of course I'll write, suckers!"
"Wow, you're right, uncle Sergio, this Italian government of ours is really corrupt. Yeah, you should definitely stick around and try to reform it so all Italian people may one day prosper. Me? I'm going to America. I'll send money back for the cause. Later, sap!"

You get the picture. People who couldn't cut it or people who felt no sense of family obligation or sense of community. My point immigrants suck.

Now, unlike most artist I actually have a solution. We all get sent back to our countries of origin. Of course for many of us who are interbred this is a minor problem. But all we have to do is come up with a way to seperate out our varying ethnic genes and/or draw and quarter ourselves and then figure out a way to make the independent pieces of ourselves to live whole lives where we came from. Then no more sociopathic immigrants ruining it for the 3 Native Americans left and the spotted owl.

Don't say I never did anything for humanity.