I'm not Subsidizing Your Life

This weekend I hosted my 11 year old cousin. Let me tell you she's a little communist. At one point we went for ice cream. She ordered chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. Then she didn't pay for it. She looked at me as if I were to pay for it. I asked her, "Where's your money?"
"I don't have any?"
"Don't you work?"
"So I'm supposed to subsidize your lazy ass just because I make more money than you?"
She just shrugged her shoulders and the man behind the counter looked like he was about to call the cops on her. If she go arrested I probably would have to give back the money our aunt gave me to watch her.
Later we were in the book store and she wanted a book. I said to her, "Explain to me again why you don't have a job and think you're entitled to stuff."
"I don't know. I'm not allowed to get a job."
"That's ridiculous everyone is America is allowed to work this isn't some fascist state where only the Polish work."
"They said in school that kids used to work but now they can't because it's bad for us."
"That's just propaganda spread by your socialist teachers. If you had a job then you wouldn't be in school. If you're not in school they don't have anyone to teach, then they'll be outside bookstores begging for me to subsidize their reading habits."
"Oh is right."
Does she really think working is bad for you? Corporations have the best interests of their employees at heart. Of course companies can't account for the stupidity of their workers. Kids working in factories we're obviously goofing off. If they hadn't been they might have been able to keep those arms and toes. The kids today just lazy hippies.