Country vs. City

There are many things that city has going for it, such as being able to buy prepared food at 3am. But when it comes to the transporation the country has the advantage. Not that I'm a proponent for being stuck in one's car all day to get everywhere. However, when driving in your car if you pass someone you know you just honk and wave and go on your way to the work while reading your book and avoiding hitting school children. In the city no such luck. If you run into someone on your way to work you are taking the subway or the bus. Which means no reading for you. No listening to the podcast of Roman History, no sleeping. Because now you have to talk to this person until one of you reaches their stop. The sad part is neither one of you really wants to give up their commute time to talk to the other (it's not like one of you is desperate to run into a random acquaintance. It's not like you're stalking this person.). Social mores require you come up with conversation for your entire journey that could be nearly an hour depending on when you run into the person and how far you're traveling. God help you if you're traveling 8 miles to your destination that's an hour without the wait time in a city.

I feel city folk should adopt this new greeting to people they know when on the subway or bus. "Hi, I know you and glad we bumped into each other. I now feel connected to a community in this god forsaken place that is lonelier than the artic in a crazy irony. However, I would like to read the book I just overpaid for and perhaps write in my journal, maybe watch something on my ipod and finish my 9 mile commute with a nap. Please don't take my lack of wanting to chat personally, I think you're a fine person I just rather spend my commute time with non-human objects. if I were only going 3 stops I'd totally chat with you for the 10 minutes but we'll be crosssing over a body of water where we'll be stuck for train traffic ahead for a good 20 minutes before we resume moving. I just rather do other things than watch you feign interest.
You understand."