More Parenting Questions to Resolve

So say you decide to have the kids. Do you move to a town with a good school system, or even better mortgage your future on highly ranked, very competitive private school? I say you move to a really, notoriously bad school district. You take the money you save on rent (or housing prices if you choose to buy) and get your kid a tutor (and hell you probably could get those tutors for free. Look at where you live). When your kids has great SAT scores and amazing GPA coming out of this horrible school district just watch the accolades and the scholarships roll in. Think of the self confidence your kids will exhibit knowing they are so far superior to their classmates. And because of the tutors they'll know all the stuff that the kids from Dalton know, but your kids won't be ravaged psychologically by growing up with cut throat competition. And speaking of cutting throats your kid will have street smarts. Your kids will probably know how to wield a knife and file the numbers off a gun. So if one of the Dalton kids start getting in your kids' face while at Yale your kids will be able to handle it, bad school district style. And what? Is the Dalton kid's parents going to sue? Sue for what you're from one of the shittiest places in America.

You want your kids to have a chance in this world you have two choices, one is full of stress and competition, and debt. The other is full of cheap housing, a bit of pollution and gang violence, but expectations set so low FDR could hurdle them.