Who's Ready?

As it is nowhere near Election time, we haven't even hit preseason football yet, I figured I join in with the mass media, and put my two cents in on the upcoming midseason elections. Many from the voting public think we need fewer lawyers in Congress and more business people. Now, I hate lawyers as much as the next person, I have worked for lawyers they're assholes. Lawyers seem to lack knowledge in people skills and social decency. But you know what lawyers do know law. And that's what Congress does they write laws. However, the argument is that government is inefficient and so we need to elect someone from the business world because business gets things done. Umm. I think what has happened is we have been out of work too long. I think we have forgotten how businesses work. Have any of you ever tried ordering office supplies? I have been hired to temp for years. I have been hired by these so called efficient companies to replace their full time employees, on a temporary basis, to basically check my email, gchat, plan a trip to Ireland and Scotland. Once I worked for a private hospital for a month and sat in a cube and rewrote a full length play. Do the people I replace work? If so then who is doing their job when I’m there? If they do work but others can do their job too why is the person hired? Or if they don’t work why were they ever hired? And please don’t stop hiring me or them we need money.
My other job (corporate mover, where I and others move employees of corporation from one location to another, sometimes just across the cube aisle—yes you definitely needed to hire three separate subcontracting firms for this –and again keep doing it I need the money.) Big organizations whether public or private are like Andre the Giant and don't move swiftly or with any efficiency. They need a like 4000 calories a day to do the same things we do on 2000 calories a day. Small things like Jackie Chan move with great efficacy. So basically I'm saying, Jackie Chan for congress in 2010. Or you know how about an accountant. Granted not great public speakers but they are pretty good at balancing the books.