"The Givvies"

What if the world was just made up of non-ambitious, lazy people? Would that be paradise? I think it might, well almost. There world would not be tidy. Things would be strewn all over the place and their probably be human waste in our water supply as a lazy person would not walk the extra yards to keep the water clean. But look at what ambitious competitve people have put in our water supply (hormones, meds, industrial waste etc).

The lazy may never invent anything or move society along with so called progress, but a inhabited by the lazy would never see geonicide. "What? Kill all those others from some foriegn tribe. Maybe tomorrow. Right now i'm pretty happy lounging under this tree. Why don't you find your own tree to go lounge under? If you don't move I'll have to slit your throat. Ahh I guess not, my knife is all the way over there somewhere. Who knows where it is. I didn't put away last time I held it and thought of using it."

I think we should honor the lazy in this world. We could give them an award "Give-ups" (known as "The Givvies" because saying the whole thing is too much effort) for those who have shown excellence in not doing much of anything. I know in this highly competitive world the laziest of us are not helping reign in the most ambitious and ruthless of us, but if we all were like them maybe the world would be a better place and for that I salute you. Have a Givvie. You deserve it. You never invented the combustible engine or napalm--good show.