See Live Comedy. Save a Nation.

Here is some world history. Prior to Adolph Hitler becoming the leader of Nazi Germany he was a painter. Unable to make a living at painting he turned to dictatorship. Before Fidel Castro ran Cuba he played professional baseball. Unfortunately, he never made it to the major leagues. Yes, the United States of America's major league baseball organization. So embittered by his crushed dreams he turned to communism.

These stories teach us two things. One, it's easier to become a dictator than to make a living doing something that you love. And two, if you want to fight Communism and Fascism maybe as a world society we shouldn't make it so hard for people to realize their artistic and sports career goals. What I'm saying is you people better start supporting my endeavors or I might have to take over a country and bend its people to my will. That country could be yours.