Violent Death Worse Than Dirt

Yesterday, I was unable to shower due to the fact that someone from outside my apartment was probably going to kill me. I don't know who that someone was, but he or she was possibly out there and was ready to thwart my front door and kill me. If my roommates had been home I would have had a line of defense to protecting me during my vulnerable shower time.

A collegue suggested that people are usually killed by someone they know and I was more likely to be murdered by my roommates. That might be true. However, I feel I could "take" my roommates in combat even with soap in my eyes while standing on slippery, tub surface. You, the reader, now ask, "How would these two provide a line of defense if they were home while you were showering?" The answer: A stranger only knows that there are two men in the apartment, one a black man the other over 6 feet tall. The outsider having not had the opportunity to actually get to know my roommates would have to go on a snap judgement and stereo-types and not on the intimate knowledge I have of them. Further, the two would probably work together to protect the apartment, while only one would likely want to kill me at any given time.

Another question is what if while your roommates are home your apartment is stormed by bandits and not a single criminal working alone? Answer: Our apartment is not in South America where people like to work in teams of bandits when committing criminal acts. Instead it's in the USA, home of the rugged individual including those US citizens whose life's calling is to murder me in the shower.

So as you can see there was no way I could have showered, yesterday, while alone in the apartment.