Perhaps I'm Still Too Young for 60minutes

So I found myself watching 60minutes this past Sunday? Why? Because I like to be informed. Alright, I can't even keep a straight face typing that. Well, I was home constructing chicken puppets for a dozen 2nd graders. In order to keep myself from hurling myself out of my 6th floor window I decided to put on the television to escape my arts and crafts nightmare. Unfortunately, I do not have cable and 60 Minutes was the only palpable reality TV on at the time.

My question to you is, "Has Andy Rooney ever been relevant or in touch with what is actually going on in the world?" His fix for the recession was that people start becoming plumbers. According to him there is a ton of work to be done out there, but too many people have advanced degrees and feel that being a plumber is beneath them and won't apply to be one. What? I bet you any of the 20somethings out there with crazy college debt working at Starbucks would be happy to work as plumber making at least $60,000 a year instead of just over minimum wage. I wonder what is stopping them? Hmmm. Oh I bet plumbing was offered at 8:00am and these lazy, snobby kids slept through plumbing 101, and electrician 102. How will they ever get in the union now?
Of course Andy Rooney took his college degree and he didn't go into working with his hands. He didn't work at a factory, though for his generation that was actually possible. No, he became an elitist effete journalist. Why does he get to follow is his dreams but the rest of us should get off our high horses?

Apparently, despite my greying hair and my ever rocketship ride through my 30s I'm still not old enough to truly comprehend 60 minutes. Well, there's a bright side.