The Return of My Best Friend Anna

So Anna and I were hanging the other day catching up. Right in the middle of us discussing Amy Adam's ability to act well enough to trascend her high pitched voice right as I was about to use Sunshine Cleaning as an example, Anna blurts out, "I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you can be in a relationship. As much as I want one I don't know that I could give up the flirting. The talking to cute boys in bars and the excitedly waiting for emails in my inbox. The hope of a future with someone. The running through of all the possibilities of fun."

"Anna, I'm not dead. I can still flirt."
"Sure, but then wouldn't you feel horribly guilty that you wasted some poor single boy's time? A boy who is just looking for love and the right girl and of course the emotional betrayl to Jack."
"Um. What boys are you talking about."
"Then of course, Rachael, you're ego would be crushed when he didn't email."
"Wait! What? How would I feel guilty and then crushed? And who said he wouldn't email. I'm sure this boy just looking for love wouldn't be completely smitten with me whether or not I had a boyfriend. Listen missy, just because you're single life is riddled with rejection doesn't mean that my hypothetical adulterous life is!"

And then we started talking about how The Proposal wasn't bad.