I can't spell his name but he's still a dick

This morning I heard that the president of Iran Ahmed Yadda Yadda A Jan has decided to ban some rock and roll like Pink Floyd. Just like a baby boomer. You know mister ant-free speech there has been music written after 1975. So now Iranian living in Canada are protesting by playing Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon. Couldn't the president ban some lesser known artists like the Apples in Stereo? Those guys could use the publicity. Next he'll ban the Jackson 5. Not Michael the solo artist because that happened after baby boomers started having his own kids. The man is no better than Bill Clinton with his unnecessary publicity of Fleetwood Mac.

It turns out that no matter what country you live in
baby boomers are all the same, musically self-involved wind bags. All I have to say is that Sonic Youth's bassist and guitarist got together in the1980s and not only are they still married their relationship didn't ruin the band. I don't think Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks can say the same thing.