Contracts Don't Do it.

I know the six readers I have these days are not sports fans, but well, I have to be me. Many in the NYC metro area who do follow sports are upset at the Jets and their cornerback Darrell Revis for not finalizing a new contract. I say wait a minute. Has it occurred to any of you that perhaps both parties are being smart seeing as how we're in a Mercury retrograde right now. And as any astrologer will tell you a Mercury retrograde is no time to be signing contracts. It's a time for reflection, for editting (don't worry I won't let that get me started) and research. I've been told by countless astrologers that contracts entered into during a Mercury retrograde are regretted once Mercury goes direct.

Unfortunately Mercury doesn't go direct until September 12th which is the first day of the 2010 NFL season. Good news is that the Jets don't play until Monday night September 13th. So maybe they can get the contract done Monday morning before the game starts Monday night.