Procrastination Bug

It's election season and in some districts some politicians are talking about gay marriage. Now, for those of us who are in the arts we don't get what the big deal is regarding gay adults marrying one another. Artist, as it is widely known, are extremely self involved, so we can't fathom why anyone would care about anyone else's wedding beside their own, or of course mine.

I heard the question raised don't people have more pressing things to concern themselves with other than gay marriage? Examples given were rent, health, job security, home security, and football. And I think that question nails the problem right on the head. Anti-Gay marriage is all about procrastination. You look at your list of of uninviting things to do, like pay your credit card bill, go to the doctor, go to work, clean the bathroom, grocery shop, etc. And you say to yourself, I could get this stuff done or I could watch back to back episodes of The Nanny. Well, that's done I guess It's time to clean the bathroom, ehhh. Maybe I'll just get together with some friends and protest gay marriage. They usually have coffee and donuts. Then when I get home I'll definitely look for a job, and go to the gym.