Blookd in the Streets

So it was a blood bath on Election Day. Oh wait. No it wasn't. Because we live in Democracy and not military, banana republic, nor do we live in ancient history. In ancient Rome when there was a change of power, that my friends was bloody. (I’m sure it was all violent in Persia and Greece I just have yet to listen to podcasts on the history of those empires.) Back in the day the poor would remain cripplingly poor, but also they'd be raped, slaughtered and all around pillaged. That my friends is a blood bath.

Now no nothing happens when one group seizes power by receiving votes from the 40% of Americans who bother to show up to vote. Democratic cities don’t hoist a donkey banner and fortify their cities only to have the Republicans cut off the supply lines and starve the city out. Nope. No matter who is in power nothing changes for the average American. It’s just the same old same old steady decline of our earning potential and standard of living. Whatever.

Perhaps if our votes counted toward a bloody war where a gruesome death might be our fate if the wrong side wins, perhaps we the people would not be so apathetic in voting and politics. At minimum we should make politicians mud wrestle one another as part of their campaigning. Get some actual violence in this mother fucker. I bet women would start fairing better as a result of the mud wrestling.

So our choices bring back the real violence that accompanied power acquisition or stop with the stupid metaphors of violence.