Stay Home! I Love You! Don't Go!

The US declared a travel advisory for Americans traveling to Europe. I believe the warning was something like, "Don't go to Europe now the exchange rate of dollar to euro is awful, you're going to have to stay in hostel. Seriously guys, don't go. You can get Mcdonalds right here at home. You're still going? But why? We need you to spend money here. Please. We love you."

The government likes to keep us scared when election time nears. Unfortunately for the political parties I'm not so scared of terrorists. I'm scared of Cancer. And everywhere I turn I see cancer plotting against me. If I go out into the sun without sunscreen--cancer. If I put sunscreen on--cancer. I have to eat vegetables to avoid cancer unless those vegetables were grown in toxic soil with toxic pesticides--cancer. I didn't eat all the vegetables I cooked so I have to reheat them, oh wait not in that suspicious container. I should go get exercise, oh but not outside cancer is in the air.

All I'm saying is there is what a couple thousand terrorists most aren't that smart, but there are millions of ways of getting cancer and getting cancer is expensive and the treatment is as bad as the disease. I'd rather have a guy with bomb sitting next to me than a guy who is radioactive.