Maybe I Spoke to Soon or I'll Change My Mind Again

I was going to quit comedy after this evening. That was the plan, but I've changed my mind. And no, nothing good has happened. I didn't win any contest, have any comedy career opportunity fall in my lap, or suddenly think the myraid of phony comedians who's souls are rotting on ambition really aren't that bad. But I now know what I want the point of my comedy to be. I will make it my life mission and my comedy mission to drive that Neo-feminist, "he's just not that into" atitude toward love and relationships into the ground! Yes, that's right my comedy is going to fight a pop culture book no one will remember in two years. A book I haven't even read. This is what is keeping me in comedy. And I hope to also topple many governments with my brand of funny which I have yet to develop. So basically courageous love and anarchy will be my comedy arena.

I plan to post my intentionally unfunny thesis on love shortly. And then from there write hysterical jokes based on the intentionally unfunny thesis.

As I haven't quit comedy you shouldn't quit me. Check out "I Love Jack" Sundays at M.Shanghai's Den 8pm.