What's Your Point?

Has anyone seen the 1940s style poster depicting an army guy. The caption reads, "The more gas your SUV uses the more foreigners I have to kill." Apparently, only SUV users buy gasoline that is exported from foriegn shores. The rest of car driving America uses fairy oil. Yes, SUVs get awful gas mileage but cars still use gas. Should we overlook the crimes of Scott Peterson because Ted Bundy killed so many more women? And if gas mileage is the issue where is their poster reading, "The more time you spend driving in cities** the more peoples I have to annihilate?"

Basically, the makers of the poster are not angry with rural, chevy driving Americans. Which is ironic because those people are more likely to be "red state" types whose views are at odds with what I'm assuming is the political idealogy of these poster people.

Look, I'm not defending automotive oil consumption. But I do, on occassion, drive a car as do most Americans-including liberals. And hypercritically, I'm against the war in Iraq. (really, I'm a pansy tender-foot who is against most wars) I just think the poster is friggin' retarded.

**people of nyc note: cities include densely populated areas outside of new york that do not have public transit.