If you make it to the end of this we must be related

"Revenge of the Sith," though overall a shitty movie with even shittier dialogue, affected me. No, that doesn't make it a good movie. I'm easily affected. Example, after watching Independence Day I couldn't stop thinking about the human survivors of the alien invasion. I wondered if they would rebuild their communities to replicate the ones destroyed or would the people take the opportunity to do it all different. I thought about it for weeks. After watching Shadowlands I spent two years contemplating the purpose and meaning of pain. For my sake I hope no one makes Kabbala: The Movie. But with the Madonna and Guy Ritchie union-- I could be doomed.

Anyway this Star Wars flick. I feel that a prominent theme of the movie was patience. Every charater except the Sith lacked them. First, you've got Annikan (sp) Skywalker. Typical youth not enjoying the journey of learning the ways of the Jedi. He just wants to jump right to Master Jedi. Not realizing that it never ends. Jedi training is a forever thing, once you master one trick like moving space junk with your mind, you're given a new figurative mountain to climb. And he was all in a rush to marry. Was he even 20? What was he doing? He could have been playing the field using the Jedi mind trick to get girls to go to bed with him despite that awful haircut. How many other guys can remove a bra with their mind? Quite the party trick to impress the ladies. But noooo. He rushed to his future and evil won.

Next you have the Jedi counsel, all of whom are masters and should be full of patience. But nope. They don't think anything through either. Well, I wonder where Annikan learned it from guys (apparently they didn't have anti-drug commercials many millennia ago.) They rush to go kill some CGI robot droid thing and wind up walking right into a trap. And really people, how masterful are these Jedi that they get offed by storm troopers? Also the Jedi were expecting the prophecy of Annikan killing the Sith to happen by the end of this movie. And when it doesn't happen by the middle of the movie they all loose faith in their own religion. Don't they know their are more movies? They were made first for christ sake! You'd think these Jedi even if they hadn't seen the other films could have sensed what happens in them. Because Annikan does kill the Sith it just takes him three more movies. These guys couldn't wait six more hours.
Meanwhile, the evil Sith is patient as a Budhist Monk tripping on heroin. Hell, he served in public office for like three terms without once using his blue lightning power that he loves so much. And for his patience he is rewarded and gets to rule the galaxy.

In conclusion, George Lucas is a lame moralist. He set out to make a black and white good vs. evil movie, but instead he gives us just grey. Who does he think he is? Arthur Miller? David Lynch? We see that patience is a virtue, if you have them you win. But the only people to posses patience are evil. All the good guys are in hurray. So are we to emulate the good guys and run around like meth-heads, or should we have patience which is obviously evil?


Allison said…
I so wish that "If you make it to the end of this we must be related" was a title based on a pop song. Because I would love to hear that song.
Dashiell said…
Hey, that's a pretty interesting take. I've read a lot of stuff about SW (no, you're the nerd!) and no really talked about that aspect of it.

But the good guys do learn their lesson in the end, which is really the beginning, since it was first, even though it really comes last. right?