This is good

Go see Brian Finkelstein's, "First Day off in Long Time, and Amy Rhodes, "Growing up Amy" at the UCB Theatre, Thursday Nights.

"First Day Off..." is a funny show that did more than just make me laugh. Brian does a great job of bringing the audience into his story so we experiene it with him as opposed him using us a free therapist. The show is kind of an homage to Spalding Gray, but you don't need to know who Spalding Gray is to enjoy the show, in fact I think most people in the audience the night I saw this show knew of Gray, but I was the only one who laughed at the set and lighting design--in a good way not a mocking way. Anyway, it's good it's five bucks if you're in chelsea on thursday looking for something to do why not go.

Same for "Growing up Amy." Funny and endearing but I didn't catch any allusions to other solo performers. She does great character work and the show was good fun. You get to see both these shows for the one low price of $5. And you're out early enough to get drunk.